Birdability Internship at Saugus Iron Works

Since I just got the pictures from the on-site visit from Susan and Chavisa, my supervisors from Colorado, I figured I would share about our day along with a couple photos. 

As we explored the site, Susan and Chavisa observed the program’s strengths and areas for growth. They praised the immersive experiences but also highlighted the need for greater accessibility. 

Inspired by the visit, we brainstormed ways to integrate birding into the Saugus Iron Works experience, envisioning guided bird walks and educational workshops. Together, we embarked on a journey to bridge history and inclusivity, ensuring that every visitor, regardless of ability, can fully participate in the site’s rich heritage.

In the featured photo, Susan and I are depicted inside the visitor center, where I am presenting Susan and Chavisa with a Braille version of the park brochure, aiming to illustrate the concept of Braille to them. The subsequent image captures me and Chavisa standing beside the tactile map of the park, marking the starting point for our birding events, designed to provide visitors with a vivid mental representation of the park’s layout.

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