First weeks at Kuchel

My first couple of weeks have been busy helping visitors.  For my programs, I’ve been doing a lot of self-guided studies trying to become familiar with what the park has to offer.  A condor porch talk is one of the programs I’ve done a lot of research on.  I’ve been facilitating this talk every day for the last two weeks and it’s been going well.  I have a few other programs/events I’m working on:  a guided bird walk,  a junior angler fishing with a ranger program, and a free fishing day. I’ve created some digital flyers to help promote them and they will soon be shared on the park’s social media platforms.  I’ve come to learn the lay of the land here pretty well. Becoming familiar with the area is definitely the biggest part of the job so far. I’m looking forward to my bird walks and junior angler programs.

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