Welcome Back to Exploring The Last Frontier

Hi everyone,

The past month here has been extremely rewarding. I have met people from across the Forest Service and have formed closer connections with heritage staff. I attended an NRM database training seminar with all the heritage staff in Region 10. It was exciting to see how they handle the challenges of the land and how the technology they use impacts their surveying. I learned the basics of the NRM database, a great tool for surveying. It was enlightening to see how heritage staff work across Region 10. I also participated in Safety Week for the district and completed all the necessary training for fieldwork. Hopefully, next month I will be able to get out into the field.

The highlights of the training included bear spray training, where we learned how to use and discharge bear spray, and radio communications, which was incredibly helpful given the area I am working in and the potential dangers of fieldwork. I formed closer bonds with the district heritage staff, and we discussed possible plans for fieldwork in the coming weeks. The records are almost complete, and I should finish them by next month. I have switched gears to helping the land staff with heritage-adjacent work and discovered interesting new things about different departments. Overall, my time here has been incredibly rewarding, and I feel honored to work in this region. I have explored more amazing hiking trails and continue to discover what the beautiful city of Juneau has to offer. Join me next month to explore the Last Frontier!

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