Mosquitos love me. I love field season

June didn’t even come in to say hello, just turned the heat up and dipped. Sheesh 

The season has officially changed, and you know what that means…. FIELD SEASONNNNN 

For the past couple of weeks, I have been outside doing survey work for a campground. This is likely to continue for the next month, and I’m glad to be out of the office. For a second, I felt like a detective investigating the Boswell Road. There is currently a debate on who owns the road and whose responsibility it is to maintain/upgrade the road. Now I feel like pirate while I try and find the receiver using the Trimble (survey equipment) amongst the trees. I volunteered to drive on the timber sale road while we analyzed the road conditions. BUMPY! BUMPY! BUMPY! Besides the anxiety I had driving through the very slender bumpy road, the scenery was fantastic. I’m grateful for the opportunity to do some educational outreach. For two days, I presented fire safety and proper outdoor recreational practices to a group of children ages 5-11.

*Be who are you are for your prriiideeee* I celebrated Pride in the Park earlier this month. It was so much fun! Live performances, music, lots of freebies and food! This month, I finished a rom-com book, visited the geology museum, and “met” Smokey Bear. I am excited for the Rodeo and Jubilee days next month. Stay tuned.  


Your favourite Engineer <3 

ps. The views are worth it. Every time. I would drive that bumpy road again.

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