Developed Recreation Photos

This month I have been tasked with taking photos of the Ashley’s developed recreation sites to post on our Facebook and upload to This had allowed for more visitors to see what developed recreation opportunities we have at the Ashley National Forest. Each of these sites must be maintained by myself and the rest of the recreation crew. We ensure that they are fully stocked with necessities such as firewood, paper towels, matches, and toilet paper. We also ensure that the water systems are working properly and test water samples to make sure visitors have clean, drinkable water. I have included some of these images below for you to see the great places that people can stay on our forest. On the Vernal Ranger District where I work, there are 3 historic guard stations, 3 yurts, and 7 campgrounds.

Colton Guard Station: One of the historic guard stations on the Vernal Ranger District that once housed employees of the forest
Carter Military Yurt: One of 3 yurts we have on the Vernal Ranger District at the Ashley
Paradise Campground: One of the forest’s gorgeous campgrounds that sits next to the Paradise Reservoir
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