June gloom doesn’t exist here!

Another month down and this one flew by! Workload has been a bit more than usual with a lot of fly ball requests that end up on my desk. Nothing too complicated or tough, more just continuous and tedious little tasks that require a lot of back and forth in different directions. My latest project has been handling a still photography/filming permit for our local tourism business, it requires working with several districts to get the proper terms and conditions and it’s proving to be a little tough to get everyone on the same page. The more people you cc in your email, the more chaotic it tends to get. On a much more fun note, it is the most beautiful time of the year here and I look forward to getting out on the trail this month to monitor uses! I’ve been connecting with more of our permittees to get to know their business a little more and finding time to tie in with their operations to see a day in the life for them in our forest.

I also got out on my personal time and did my first backpacking trip since having knee surgery last year and it was a success! I needed to confirm my body could still do that before I set out on a backpacking trip to monitor some backpacking guides so that was such a relief and such a beautiful time! And while I was out there, I managed to catch one of the rarest fish up here in the Sierra Nevada, a golden trout. Pretty proud moment as this is one of the most elusive fish in our forest and considered a crown jewel of a fish! Only bad news is, I’ll probably never catch something as cool as that fish so it’s all downhill from here. I definitely want to spend some time with our permitted fishing guides out here as well to learn more about their business and maybe find some more awesome fishing holes, it’s hard to know where to start when our forest has hundreds and hundreds of lakes. Hopefully I’ll have more cool fish pictures to share next month as well :)

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