Pollinator Exposition At Wright-Patterson AFB

EFTA Monarch Outreach Poster board created by Jocelyn Sanchez and Micah Lester

EFTA Monarch Outreach Poster board created by Jocelyn Sanchez and Micah Lester

We’re in Ohio and the chase for monarchs continues! My partner Micah and I were welcomed by the Natural Resource team at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio where they were eager to have us participate in their Pollinator Exposition, a place for the community to come learn about pollinators and what they can do to help as well as enjoy some goodies. With just 2 days to prepare for the event, Micah and I were able to create a poster board with information regarding our mission to help the monarch population. We also made and gave out milkweed starter kits which made people excited to welcome monarchs into their garden.

Dejeanne May, Micah Lester and Jocelyn Sanchez (left to right).

Jocelyn Sanchez, Micah Lester, and Darryn Warner (left to right).

We were also lucky enough to have our manager, Dejeanne May, make a quick detour to come join us at the event. This was our first time meeting her in person and I’m so happy to have such a dedicated individual guiding us. I find comfort in knowing that there are individuals out there that care just as much about conservation and saving the planet.

Aside from our event, fieldwork has been slow and monarch activity has been quite low but that doesn’t mean they are not out there… somewhere. On the bright side milkweed has been blooming not just in the field but all around the neighborhood in peoples gardens and that’s something to be happy about! For now its back to looking for monarchs, until next time!

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