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My site has given me a lot of new experiences so far, and I am excited for the near future to learn so much more. I’ve gotten to know the area fairly well which is nice because with that I’ve been able to assist and guide folks coming into our visitor center with questions or concerns they may have. So far, I’ve mainly been doing desk work and helping around the visitor center. Which isn’t what I’d be hoping for, but it helps me get acquainted with the area and people around here. I’ve been trying to learn about local ecology through various people and programs around here but so far, I’m just waiting for someone to allow me in. I’ve written and started my own California Condor Program. It’s been going good so far, to write it I had to do a lot of research from combined resources to make sure my information was accurate and up to date. I basically do an info booth with what we call “Porch Talks”. I set up a small table with interpretive props and as people come and go, I give them some information on our local condors and some general information on them. These last roughly about half an hour and I do them daily. I have yet to do any work with condors or condor programs, but I hope to soon.

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