Call me lucky charm

No, not the marshmallow cereal, but lucky after weeks of no Monarch activity, I finally saw three adult monarchs flying around Fort Cavazos, Texas. I was previously at Tinker Airforce Base in Oklahoma and literally only saw two the whole time I was there. So, I was certain I would not see any in Texas and even the University of Illinois employee who runs the Monarch program on Fort Cavazos was also skeptical, but she did state you might get lucky you never know. It was my last day, and I was conducting the adult survey and there she was flying low and nectering on beebalm! I was so amazed I literally almost fell, but also there was a huge hole I did not see, but I was super excited nonetheless!

On my way to my last site, I ran into Chelsea the monarch program manager and I was talking to her about seeing a Monarch and there was another one flying and she also saw it and literally said this week is the last week and you brought the monarchs it’s “YOU” after weeks of no activity here in Texas. So, I left and continued to my last site and when I was about halfway done with the adult survey there was another one flying around! What are the odds I was getting discouraged for not seeing any activity in a while and I’ve been looking forward to continuing my journey north so I can see more activity. So, I will end this blog by stating always stay positive and optimistic because you never know what you will find at each location because no data is still data.
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