Environment for the Americas is unique in its approach to education programs. We work to meet the needs of our participants by providing multicultural and multilingual presentations and materials. These are used across the Americas to raise awareness of birds and nature and conservation issues. We also offer trainings to educators and young researchers who work to engage their communities.

Virtual Bird Camp

Created to respond to the COVID pandemic, but continued by popular demand, our virtual youth "camps" bring young people together in the study of birds, bird conservation, and a variety of other topics, from math and science to writing and art.


Virtual Camp for Schools

Our youth camps have been recognized for their outstanding educational content, and Environment for the Americas works with schools to provide science content through birds. Our programs are available bilingually in English and Spanish. We work with teachers to ensure that our lessons meet state standards.


Bird Book Club

Join us in an exploration of bird and conservation-focused literature, with a unique opportunity to meet the author online. Each month, the Club reads a book, either newly or previously published, and joins in a discussion. Our past readings have included "Vulture" by Katie Fallon and "Project Puffin" by Stephen Kress. Participants also learn a lot about birds and conservation success stories!



Environment for the Americas staff have a wealth of knowledge about organizing educational programs, festivals, online presentations, and print and digital materials. Check out our trainings for the latest topic.