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Environment for the Americas and its partners are committed to connecting racially and ethnically diverse students with careers in conservation, natural resources, history, and geology.


Interns build skills through work with national parks, national forests, wildlife refuges, and other sites.


The goal of EFTA’s Internship Program


To reach Environment for the Americas’ goal of increasing diverse representation in natural resource fields, EFTA has established several partnerships with government agencies and nonprofit organizations to create successful internship programs for underrepresented participants to mold future conservation professionals and leaders. Learn about each internship opportunity below.

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Internships are offered around the globe through a variety of organizations.

Mosaics in Science

Find unique work opportunities to work closely alongside scientists, researchers, educators, and various other park professionals across North America and U.S. territories.

Latino Heritage Internship Program

Explore diverse resource and cultural stewardship careers while raising awareness of the need for increased Latino representation in preserving park sites nationwide.

Fish & Feathers

We bring talented, diverse interns ready to engage with local communities through fishing, birding, and other outdoor recreational activities.

USFS Program

Six months to one-year positions connect qualified applicants with a passion for outdoor fieldwork, research, and conservation to careers in forest management, recreation, and more.

Golden Gate National Recreation Area

Explore careers in the natural resource field at Golden Gate National Recreation Area in California and work with wildlife conservation, habitat restoration, aquatic ecology, and much more.

Celebrate Birds

Support important bird conservation efforts through our Celebrate Birds internship program which focuses on nature-based educational projects and bird conservation and research.

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