Celebrate Birds

Celebrate Birds raises awareness of bird conservation initiatives through monitoring, research, outreach, and education.

Environment for the Americas has established numerous partnerships with government agencies and nonprofit organizations to create the Celebrate Birds program— a program that introduces diverse early career professionals to bird conservation studies and nature-based educational programs.

Support important bird conservation efforts through our Celebrate Birds internship program which focuses on nature-based educational projects and bird conservation and research.


Qualification requirements:


  • Under Direct Hire Authority and Public Land Corps requirements, as provided by the Office of Personnel Management, you MUST be a U.S. Citizen or U.S. legal resident to be eligible for any position.
  • Must be between 18 and 30 years of age.
  • If you are a veteran, you may apply up to age 35.
  • Related educational background and interests preferred.

Internship Blog

Peter Chan Introduction

Hi, my name is Peter Chang working as a civil engineer in Athens Ohio, at the Wayne National Forest as an intern with EFTA (Environment for the Americas) with Cohort, I’m excited to get the lay of the land in Ohio and get more experience.

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Field Days Everyday

I spent most of the week working with Great Tree Tenders (GTT) at Fort Baker this week. We experienced all types of weather from pouring rain to sunny skies. The main goal of the week was to sweep through a large chunk of Fort Baker

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Over the river and through the woods…

To new experiences we go! The past month has been budding with a shared love of learning and living in the environment. From yurting to spotting to frogging and more, I’ll walk you through a few of the most memorable moments thus far. Starting with

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Side Quest Adventures

It has been a successful 5 weeks so far in my new position at Golden Gate National Recreation Area. I have accomplished so much in the past 5 weeks and have had many great experiences to reflect on. I went on many side quests to

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Lillian Kalla Introduction

I am a Resource Assistant with the U.S. Forest Service/ EFTA this year in winter cohort 8! I will be working as a Hydrologic Technician on the Superior National Forest in Minnesota.

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Ellie Willards Introduction

Hi everybody my name is Ellie Willard and I’m a resource assistant from cohort 8 I am from Phoenix Arizona and I am going straight back to Phoenix Arizona to be a social media supervisor at the Tonto National Forest I’m looking forward to working

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