Ecological Monitoring Intern – Mosaics in Science

Mojave Desert Inventory & Monitoring Network
December 1, 2020
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Have you ever read a story about a science topic that you couldn’t put down? This internship focuses on how to sculpt such stories out of research and scientific findings. The Mojave Desert Network Inventory & Monitoring program (MOJN) conducts many exciting and valuable natural resources projects in nine national parks in the Mojave Desert and Great Basin (parks include Joshua Tree NP, Death Valley NP, Great Basin NP, Lake Mead NRA, Parashant NM, Mojave NP, Castle Mountains NM, Manzanar NHS, and Tule Springs Fossil Beds NM). This internship will assist MOJN in conducting three specific long-term monitoring projects- focused on sagebrush, bats, and desert springs- and creating narratives about those projects. These narratives can be shared and explored through a variety of media including written briefs for parks, newsletter articles, social media posts, videos, or other platforms that the intern is interested in. This position has three phases: background reading and learning, collecting data in the field and documenting these efforts, and content creation/writing. First, the intern will read materials that explain the long-term monitoring protocols and talk with protocol leads to support understanding. Then they will assist with implementing those protocols in the field. This field work will require car-camping for 3-8 days at a time in Great Basin National Park and possibly other MOJN parks, usually in primitive conditions. The intern will spend some of their time in the field collecting data and learning about the field methods and the rest of the time creating materials about these monitoring efforts (e.g. photos, videos, writing, drawing). Finally, the intern will create products to share using the materials they created and write about the three MOJN long-term monitoring projects. This position will have the opportunity to work directly with the MOJN ecologist, hydrologist, social media coordinator, and experienced field technicians, all of whom look forward to supporting the intern to learn and develop skills.

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