Education and Outreach Intern at Siuslaw National Forest

Siuslaw National Forest

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Start Date: April 2022 – September 2022

Compensation: $500/week

Application Due: February 20, 2022

Our internships seek to engage racially and ethnically diverse college students and young professionals in natural resource careers.

Must be a U.S. citizen or legal resident.

All interns must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 prior to the start of the internship. 

Work Location Description: The Duty Station is Florence or Hebo, OR.  The Environment for the Americas (EFTA) crew will be transported daily from this central location to work sites in the Siuslaw National Forest Central Coast District/Oregon Dunes NRA. All transportation will be by government vehicle, with daily personnel sign in-out procedures through the Forest Service IN/OUT Board.  EFTA members will work together as a crew throughout the season and perform all work together on a daily basis.

Environment for the Americas intern crew will embark on a targeted outreach project with the goal of improving coastal bird habitat by decreasing the availability of anthropogenic food sources to avian predators, specifically corvids. The EFTA crew will perform shorebird surveys and assist wildlife staff in projects related to Western snowy plover protection. EFTA crews will work in support of volunteer and citizen science efforts being organized in these areas.  A secondary goal will be to increase visitor awareness and encourage behaviors that minimize disturbance to coastal birds in their nesting areas. The target audience will be visitors to Siuslaw National Forest and Oregon State Park campgrounds, recreation areas, and beach/dune habitat areas.

Internship Goals Include:

  • Decrease the number of anthropogenic food sources available to wildlife, particularly corvid species, to better protect threatened species.
  • Encourage behavioral changes among visitors to reduce litter that can harm coastal birds.
  • Encourage behavioral changes among coastal visitors to reduce disturbance to shorebirds and seabirds during sensitive timeframes.
  • Conduct outreach/education programs within parks, campgrounds, and recreation areas, with the objective of reducing the population of resident corvid species.
  •  Perform shorebird surveys in coordination with District wildlife staff.
  • Plan/organize opportunities for citizen science contributions from volunteer groups and schools.

Work Assignments:

  • Assist U.S. Forest Service Wildlife staff with monitoring and survey efforts for shorebirds and other threatened species.
  • Develop interpretive messages to deliver in evening campground programs, day programs, community presentations, outreach tables, and youth education.
  • Collaborate with U.S. Forest Service wildlife staff to develop messages and partnerships.
  • Provide informal roving interpretation at recreation areas and campgrounds.
  • Deliver periodic outreach and presentations at the Oregon Coast Aquarium and Oregon Zoo in efforts to increase the scope of outreach reach more audiences.
  • Work with U.S. Forest Service staff to create develop messages for social media, web content, education resources for teachers, and displays.
  • Provide resources, information, and training to volunteers and camp hosts who regularly interact with the public at these sites.
  • Develop and conduct anthropogenic food source surveys in the campgrounds and day-use areas.


Some activities are dependent on current safety policies, minimizing exposure to Covid 19, and may be subject to change.  There is a possibility that a portion of the work assignment may consist of virtual work.

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