Fish & Feathers Intern

Congaree National Park

Start Date: May 15, 2023

End Date: August 4, 2023

**All Fish & Feathers interns must attend the mandatory pre-internship workshop from May 15 – 19, 2023**

Compensation: $600/week + housing

Application Due: February 6th, 2023

The Fish & Feathers Program seeks to engage ethnically and racially diverse young professionals in natural resource careers.

Must be a U.S. citizen or legal resident.

All interns must be fully vaccinated for Covid-19 prior to the start of their internship.

Please Apply HERE

Position Description:

Fish and Feathers is a program funded by the National Park Service (NPS) and administered by Environment for the Americas. Our goal is to provide our national park partners with talented interns who are eager to learn and to engage with local communities. The intern will focus on supporting, implementing, and leading community outreach programs that focus on fishing and birding activities. The overall goal is to increase diverse community engagement with NPS partners during the program and in years to come.


  • Reach out to local communities through outreach and educational activities to increase engagement in fishing and birdwatching
  • Create new materials (i.e., social media, educational games/activities, signage, etc.) to provide visitors with information about fish and birds at the NPS site
  • Understand regulations regarding fishing and ethical birding and communicate this information to participants
  • Establish or build upon fishing and birding programs at the NPS site
  • Manage and maintain program equipment
  • Meet deadlines for Environment for the Americas program requirements 


  • Ability to hike long distances and conduct field operations as part of a team and/or independently in an outdoor setting.
  • Experience giving presentations and ability to learn new skills and transfer the knowledge to participants.
  • Interest in learning fishing regulations and bird identification for program development and implementation.
  • Ability to learn methods employed in fish and wildlife management.
  • Strong interpersonal, oral, listening, and written communication skills.
  • Interest in learning new skills such as rafting, canoeing, and kayaking.


Successful candidates will have a background and/or coursework in the following areas or a strong interest in the outdoors with experience fishing and/or birdwatching.

  • Biology
  • Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences
  • Ecology
  • Aquaculture
  • Communications/Marketing
  • Environmental Science
  • Recreation
  • Interpretation/Education

About this site:

The overarching objectives for this internship are to assist with the implementation of the CONG Sport Fishing Management Plan (SFMP), which has been developed through previous Fish and Feathers internships. The current SFMP vision, which is expected to be finalized in early 2023, aims to provide “Anglers at Congaree National Park, including both locals and destination visitors, with (1) good access to park information, (2) healthy streams for recreational sport fishing, (3 reliably positive experiences, and (4) favorable engagements with park staff regarding conservation efforts.” The vision further encompasses five fundamental goals: (1) Characterize the fish species targeted by sport anglers at CONG; (2) Outline key references (including research results), research needs (questions and data gaps), and realistic monitoring options relevant to understanding sportfish populations as part of the larger aquatic ecosystems at CONG; (3) Identify  key fishing access points and idealized plans for related infrastructure, services, and support; (4) Outline options to adaptively manage effective fishing partnerships, regulations, policies, , communications, creel surveys, and related public health advisories; and (5) Encourage open, multi-channel communication and relationships between anglers, partners, and park staff.

Four specific responsibilities for a summer 2023 Fish and Feathers Intern at CONG include the following: (1) update the CONG fishing brochure and website content to promote information about ethical fishing, fishing management, and fishing access points; (2) provide a roving park presence at fishing holes, including making friendly, non-enforcement angler contacts and cleaning up fishing trash; (3) assist with efforts through the Congaree Biosphere Region to network with the local African American anglers community and local bait shops; and (4) assist CONG staff with special opportunities related to summer events (e.g., Juneteenth festival representation), ongoing citizen science opportunities for stream monitoring (, and a fishing clinic.

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