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Monocacy National Battlefield
December 1, 2020
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Monocacy National Battlefield preserves 1,647 acres of forested areas, agricultural fields, meadows, and waterways that make up its six historic farmsteads.  The park lies three miles south of the city of Frederick – the second largest city in Maryland – and has approximately two miles of the Monocacy River running through it.  The park is home to fifty-two historic structures, several archeological sites, over five-hundred species of vascular plants, one-hundred species of birds, and almost eighty species of mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and fish. 

In 2010, a survey was conducted on a 700-foot reach of Harding’s Run, an intermittent stream in the park, to aid in monitoring stream morphology and to potentially document erosion and sedimentation impacts.  For this project,  TWO hydrology assistant interns will be hired for summer 2021. Each intern will be assigned a stream reach within the park to assess its physical habitat characteristics and stressors. Assessments will use the Rosgen Stream Classification system to document Harding’s Run and the Gambrill Mill Creek.

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