Monarch & Pollinator Research and Education-Outreach Intern

Start Date: March 7th, 2023

End Date: Dec 1st, 2023

Compensation: $600/week (40 weeks) +health insurance (if needed). Travel costs to the site and back home are covered by the program. 

Car is required

Application Due: February 6th, 2023

Environment for the Americas seeks to engage ethnically and racially diverse professionals in natural resource careers.

  • Must be a U.S. citizen or legal resident.
  • Must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 prior to the start of their internship.

Please Apply HERE

Position Description:

Interns will participate in 9 months/26 weeks of monitoring and habitat assessment for monarch butterflies, as well as design and facilitate outreach and education programs that foster cultural connections and awareness of monarchs, pollinators, and migratory species in diverse communities throughout California. A special emphasis will be placed on connectivity of habitat, promoting conservation actions, and boosting awareness of monarchs on or near military installations and Department of Defense lands based on conservation priorities. Interns will be required to attend a training in monarch monitoring and sample strategies. As monitoring sites are established, interns will navigate to the pre-selected sites to perform monarch and vegetation surveys using a standardized protocol. Environment for the Americas (EFTA) will provide guidance on community outreach and engagement practices,training on co-designing engagement programs with community groups, and developing culturally resonant activities for multigenerational audiences that lead to conservation action. 

Preferred Skills (not required):

  • Proficient in Spanish language
  • Communication and program facilitation skills
  • Awareness of California flora and fauna, 
  • Knowledgeable of military installations and Department of Defense lands
  • Experience in working outdoors
  • Experience gathering and recording data 

Work Products:  During the 26 weeks internship, the intern will:

  • Conduct monarch and vegetation surveys throughout California
  • Develop community community partnerships and facilitate education programs
  • Create weekly blog posts shared on social media informing on internship experience and work projects.

Training: The intern will have the opportunity to train in:

 Protocols for collecting data including:

  • Describing features of each site, 
  • Performing counts of monarch host plants (milkweeds), 
  • Identifying plant species and record their frequency, 
  • Examining milkweed plants for monarch eggs and caterpillars, and 
  • Performing counts of adult monarchs. 

Field data collection will include:

  • Techniques in conducting field surveys. 
  • Data collection involves walking a series of transects at each site and recording the information within 1-m2 quadrats, 
  • Examining milkweed for monarch eggs and larvae within a 1-ha area, and 
  • Recording adult monarchs observed along a transect or incidentally.

Protocols for data and field logistics management will includes:

  • Maintaining, organizing, and entering field data on tablets/computers
  • Organizing details for travel and other logistics to/from field sites. 
  • Conducting data proofing and correction to ensure data accuracy. 
  • Maintaining regular contact with EFTA staff along with partners such as the MJV, other monarch partners, and field site contacts.

Outreach and education programs will include:

  • Identifying and developing community partnerships
  • Co-developing culturally resonant educational activities with and for community groups
  • Lead culturally relevant interpretive talks and walks
  • Manage volunteer monarch surveyor
  • Communicate with their cohort, EFTA staff, government agency staff, and the public.


Intern Qualifications:

  • Ability to conduct monarch and vegetation surveys throughout California
  • Ability to take directions and work independently
  • Ability to develop and facilitate education activities for multigenerational audiences
  • Ability to work well with coworkers and function effectively as a member of a team and during independent work

Other Requirements:

  • Cultural competence 
  • A personal vehicle 
  • Attend bi-weekly check in with EFTA staff and meet as a group on a monthly basis
  • Strong communication skills to work with the cohort, EFTA staff, government agency staff, and the public

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