Native Plant Restoration Assistant – Mosaics in Science

North Cascades National Park
December 1, 2020
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The goal of an internship with the North Cascades National Park Native Plant Restoration Program is to cultivate skills and knowledge that lay the foundations for leadership in natural resource management.  By giving our interns the opportunity to build career skills within the National Park Service we are preparing them to be qualified employees of the NPS or ambassadors for the NPS in other careers. Their time here will help them become stewards of our parks and stronger, more vibrant members of their community. Interns will work with, and be integrated into, the park’s Native Plant Propagation and Restoration Program, but the focus of the internship can be tailored to the intern’s strengths and interests. Interns may choose to focus on: A) Refining and improving plant propagation techniques; for example, increasing germination rates of difficult-to-grow species, or determining best practices for fertilization on a species-by-species basis. B) Developing a framework for restoration site assessment and monitoring protocols that will result in better long-term colonization by native plants. C) Working with local community groups, including Youth Conservation Corps, to increase awareness and appreciation of native plant communities. Native plant work will include seed collecting, planting, transplanting, and fertilizing native plants. Other work within the Natural Resources Management division may include natural resource surveys, such as in the Cascades Butterfly Project or Dragonfly Mercury Project. Occasional opportunities to work in other divisions could include grounds keeping, trail maintenance, campground maintenance, or participation in search and rescue operations. In addition, the interns will work with the Park’s Youth Stewardship program.  Interns will assist park staff completing stewardship work with students and volunteers.  The intern will also help mentor our Youth Conservation Corps enrollees, by sharing their own life experiences and education with them and demonstrating work ethic by working hard alongside them. Through this multi-faceted experience, interns will develop an in-depth understanding of the Natural Resource Management division as well as receive an introduction to the other divisions within The North Cascades National Park Service Complex. 

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