Fisheries Assistant – Mosaics In Science

Congaree National Park
December 1, 2020
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The intern will assist with the fledgling Congaree National Park (CONG; fishing management program that is currently in development through partnerships between (1) the CONG Resource Stewardship and Science program, (2) the NPS Old-Growth Bottomland Forest Research and Education Center, (3) the Congaree Biosphere Reserve (CBR), and (4) NPS staff with the Interior Region 2 office.

Public Law 94-545, which established CONG in 1976, mandates that “the Secretary [of the Interior] shall permit access to sport fishing.” This internship will help the park support, provide, and benefit from reliable sport fishing opportunities that interweave multiple park programs, goals, operations, and relationships. Anglers represent a distinct type of visitor with specialized knowledge, equipment, goals, and needs. Anecdotally, it seems that many anglers are locals, but ethnographic research at CONG has documented how park management adversely impacts local African American fishing traditions. As fishing relies on a healthy ecosystem, the fishing program is also fundamentally involved with natural resource monitoring, research, and conservation partnerships.

The intern will help implement the following overall plan goals:

1. Understand the CONG angler community (i.e., demographics, motivations, activities, facility/infrastructure needs)

2. Provide opportunities for reporting invasive species (especially aquatic flora and fauna), adverse field conditions, or suspicious activities

3. Understand the broader angler community within the CBR (i.e., fishing access points, policies, and businesses [local bait and tackle shops])

4. Optimize angler education opportunities to increase both policy/regulation awareness and public health advisories while reducing the introduction of both invasive species and fishing trash

5. Learn from anglers’ specialized perspectives, which is firmly on the spectrum of Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK)

6. Provide opportunities to engage anglers volunteers and citizen scientists

7. Prioritize of additional needs for additional research, scholarship, conservation partnerships

8. Improve the strategic collection, analysis, synthesis, and application of aquatic resource monitoring data

To this end, the intern duties will include the following:

1. Learn the scientific, scholarship, policy, and visitor literature relevant to fishing at CONG

2. Routinely visit CONG fishing locations to collect spot water quality data, collect GPS data on fishing paths, install monofilament recycling receptacles, and contact anglers

3. Intermittently scout fishing locations and contact fishing partners within the broader CBR

4. Host at least two public CONG programs about fishing, including one Lunch and Learn presentation (for August) about their project

5. Provide in-depth review and editorial feedback on CONG fishing management plan and angler communications (i.e., brochures, species lists, the Superintendent’s Compendium, and the CONG website)

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