Trail Construction & Maintenance Intern

Golden Gate National Recreation Area

Environment for the Americas seeks to engage ethnically and racially diverse young professionals in natural resource careers.


Employees for these positions are required to be: 

* US Citizens or Legal Residents

* Fully vaccinated for COVID-19*


DEADLINE TO APPLY: September 9th, 2022

Internship Dates: October 31, 2022 – October 30, 2023 (1 year)

Stipend: $475/week + dorm style housing + INSURANCE


Position Description:

  • Assist park staff with the construction of erosion controlled structures, such as wood and rock retaining walls, steps/staircases, post and cable and split rail fences.
  • Assist park staff with routine maintenance duties such as brushing trails with power equipment, clearing out water drains and outsloping to reduce erosion on trails.
  • Keep and complete a detailed weekly work log of all projects and work accomplished in the
  • Make safety a priority; responsible for use of personal protective gear and insuring that all tools, equipment, vehicles, and other co-workers are working safely.
  • Follow instructions from park staff, understand and respect all park regulations and
  • Work with a professional attitude as part of a team, and occasionally help lead volunteer
  • Attend, develop, and lead weekly safety

Work Products: Key deliverables of the internship.

Trail Construction and Maintenance Interns help build and maintain a world-class trail system, with the understanding that active engagement in the parklands leads to a deeper appreciation of their value.



  • Familiarity and/or desire to learn how to operate hand and power tools to perform trail work including, but not limited to: power drill, rock bar, shovel, hedgers, and other trail maintenance tools.
  • Ability and/or desire to experience trail maintenance and construction work, including but not limited to: installation of trail features (benches, fences, bridges, etc.), removal of brush and vegetation, and re-direction of water on trails drainage dips, swales, installation of water bars, retaining walls, removal of brush and vegetation.

Desire to learn natural and cultural history of Golden Gate National Recreation Area and the role of trails in protecting these resources.


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