For over a decade, Environment for the Americas has focused its work on migratory bird conservation. In 2022, we launched an exciting new initiative to use our knowledge of migratory species and apply it to the conservation of monarch butterflies. Through work supported by the US Forest Service International Programs and the Department of Defense, we will implement our internship model on military installations to conduct monarch surveys and educational programs.

Engaging Military Families

Job Opportunities

Our new work takes us to California, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Minnesota and other states where monarch butterflies feed, lay their eggs, and migrate. We are working with military families in all of these states to develop community science opportunities and education programs. Surveys on military installations will help to identify where suitable habitat exists and if monarchs are using them. We invite military family members of all ages to participate in this effort. 


Photo of Military Family by US Army MWR

We are hiring a team to provide support for monarch surveys and education programs along their flyways in the Pacific West and from Texas to Minnesota. We invite you to join one of our survey teams, become one of our program managers, and participate in surveys in 2024. For more information, please contact us at or check out our open positions HERE


photo of Monarch Intern by Carina Ruiz

Military families take part in monarch surveys.
Clarissa Ortega surveys monarch habitat in California.