About the Application

Becoming a part of Bird City Colorado means that you accomplish rigorous actions to help conserve birds and their habitats. Apply now to be recognized for your actions and be the next Bird City.

Recognition criteria requirements:


Achieve a total of at least 8 points, meeting;

A minimum of 8 criteria

At least 3 criteria from Category 1

Both A and B from Category 6

A minimum of 1 criterion in at least 3 of the other categories (Categories 2-5).


Submit a narrative and documentation.

Narrative: Describe how your community meets every criterion submitted. Use complete sentences and explain your documentation.

Documentation Where possible, electronically document each criterion submitted (e.g. photos, event flyers, brochures, ordinances, web links, etc.).


Complete the preamble

Provide the additional required information, and have a municipal employee or elected official sign and date your application.

RESTRICTION: Communities that officially support cat colonies, encourage feeding or housing for outdoor cats, or explicitly permit free-roaming cats are not eligible for High Flyer Status.


Achieve a total of at least 20 points, meeting:

A minimum of 6 criteria worth 2 or more points from at least 2 categories

Requirements b, c, and d from the criteria above.


Submit a narrative and documentation (see Apply for Bird City Status)


Complete the remainder of the form

The nonrefundable application and renewal fee is $200, paid electronically or by check.

Application deadlines are March 1, July 1, and November 1. Annual renewals are January 31.

A single action may not be used to meet multiple criteria unless it is truly exceptional, has distinct components, and can be justified in the narrative.